About Us

SOS Max Security

Based in Ibiza - Wien - Bucuresti 

Expert risk assessment, hands-on management and trained staff backed up by state-of-the-art technology, 24/7 command center, security management software and exceptional customer service will result in your complete security solution. We take pride in our evaluation and implementation process, as well as our ability to respond to continuously changing needs as they arise

Our Mission

WE BELIEVE that we are the right company for you. When you are ready to explore the differences between security services by "an ordinary security company" and security services by SOS Max Security, we will be there to face your challenges and provide a security solution that is right for you. We are confident that we will both meet and exceed your expectations. Please call us at your earliest convenience for a confidential consultation.


WE BELIEVE that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals. We provide 'thinking” security officers and on-site security directors to help our clients meet their obligation to create a safe, secure environment.

A Letter From The CEO

Please feel free to call me to find out how SOS Max Security can protect you and your property, limit your liability, and achieve your goals.